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We work with Mantis Italy HR 808 & BFormance


We have 8 years experience in body and face care

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Body and face care
Laser hair removal
European facial
Chemical peeling
Eyebrows and eyelashes

For health and beauty

The most effective solution for permanent progressive hair removal.

The HR 808 Laser Diode, your number-one ally in permanent hair removal, has a delicate action both on the face and body which does not damage the epidermis and tissue surrounding the follicle in any way. Selective photothermolysis heats up the hair follicle, and by destroying the germ cells permanently prevents regrowth. The laser light produced by the device - a unidirectional, consistent monochromatic light beam - is absorbed in a hyper-selective manner by the melanin present in the hair follicle. Treatment sessions are short, pleasant and painless. The results are clear to see right from the very first sessions.

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For body and soul

The undisputed leader in beauty with an elegant and contemporary design

B.Formance its innovative and advanced technology allows the simultaneous delivery of active ingredients, thanks to ELECTROPORATION, and micromechanical and thermal effects, which increase membrane permeability with the help of ULTRASOUND.


Tests performed in our laboratories have shown a complete lack of contraindications, both in the short and long term.


The product offers excellent performance thanks to the quality of its laser light source and treatment session protocols developed by experts.

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